November 10th, 2001

Hair Cut

Good morning :-)

Today is going to be a busy day!

  • In about half an hour, me and moosical are off to pick up Kay, my little sister.
  • Then we're going to my work, as I have to kick off two backups and make two phone calls.
  • Then the three of us are off to Reading for the afternoon, going shopping and stuff! :-)
  • Then we'll bring Kay back home at about 17:30...
  • Then we're leaving almost immediately to go see Jools Holland at The Hexagon
  • Then, when the concert finishes, I have to go back to work to start yet another backup
  • Then to bed, only to go back to work at about 10:00 tomorrow morning

I'm gonna be knackered tomorrow evening!!!!! :-o
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Hair Cut

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Well, Jools Holland was absolutely fantastic.
Me and moosical both thoroughly enjoyed it! :-)

It he comes to Reading again next year, we may well go again! :-))

Hey ho - g'nite! :-)
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