November 11th, 2001

Hair Cut

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Good morning :-)

After last night's absolutely wicked trip to The Hexagon, we're now back in the land of the living.

Moo is just in the bathroom now, then I'll drop her off at church and then head to work.
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Hair Cut


I need a new crate of Diet Coke for work.

Either that, or a larger supply of 50p coins! LOL
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    Michael Learns To Rock - Love Will Never Lie
Hair Cut


That's it, I'm done! :-)

The implementation, upgrade and rollout at work is COMPLETE! :-)

Aside from a few minor issues and annoyances (which aren't my area) everything works perfectly :-)

So I'm now off home to spend some time with my beautiful wife-to-be.

Laters! :-)
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