November 22nd, 2001

Hair Cut

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Good morning eveyone :-)

I was going to Reading today, to review our Oracle upgrade project. Oh, and get a free lunch. Unfortunately, I'm really busy here at the office, so I've had to pull out - which is really annoying, 'cos I was really looking forward to it.

Oh well.

I'm not in the office tomorrow as it's moosical's graduation :-)
(also, ukcamgirl, patc, tean, and many more)

Moo and I are off to see our Minister tonight to discuss the wedding (which is just over 3 weeks away!) and then we're travelling up to Yorkshire. Probably won't get there until 1am, but hey, it's all fun! :-)

Oh blimey, I must not forget to go and pick up my suit this afternoon!! :-o

Anyhoo, hope everyone has a good day.
Lateron! :-)
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Hair Cut

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It is now that I leave my PC for 3 days.

Yes, that's right, we're off up north for the Graduation Ceremony, which takes place tomorrow :-)

moosical will probably be keeping our journals up to date though, with the help of pocketlj *shameless plug*

Take care everyone, and behave whilst we're away :o)
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