December 23rd, 2001

Hair Cut

On a more serious note...

Since we've been on honeymoon, I have made 4 journal posts (including this one) and we have also been on the internet and IRC thru an internet cafe.

However, it seems as though some people have taken exception to this. Caroline have spoken in length about it.

At the end of the day, this is our honeymoon, and a time when we do whatever we want to do. At the same time, we wanted to make a record of what we did. Caroline has decided to use a written diary. I decided to use my LiveJournal - with Carolines blessing.

This is who we are, and how we do things. I know that most of the comments (and kicks <g>) are made in jest, but I think it's important that people don't take this too far.

This may be our honeymoon, but we're also a long way away from our friends and family. It's also the first time that Caroline and I have spent Christmas away from our family, friends and loved ones.

We're not having a go at anyone, but we thought that some kind of explanation was necessary.

Anyway, on a lighter note, we are missing all our friends like crazy, and we hope that you're not missing us too much! :-)