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New car! :o)

We just bought a new car!! Well, I say new... it's new for us!

Peugeot 206 GLX 1.4 Metallic Blue (exactly the same as desi_derata's)

We went to Carcraft in Sheffield today with the intention to look around, not to buy anything. But then we saw it, and with a very good salesman at our heels, we went for it.

We were a bit anxious about the finance application, and they kept us waiting for an hour and a half for an answer, we were rather nervous.

When I realised the coincidences, I became much calmer....
  • We had cleaned out our car this morning, for no apparent reason,
  • The numbers in the registration were 37 - my lucky number,
  • And finally, the car was first registered on 29/03/01... exactly 2 years ago today!!
I took that as a very good omen! :o)

It has loads of features, and I'll post pictures on Monday night! :o)
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