January 12th, 2002

Hair Cut

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Well, the email to my staff at work seems to have had an effect!! w00t!

It's been a good evening, all told. Had a fantastic chat with loads of people on IRC tonight :-)
I have to say this... IRC and LiveJournal have blessed me with the most fantastic bunch of people.

Anyway, it's time for bed... I have to be up fairly early tomorrow as I'm going to our new house tomorrow morning to sit down with a large piece of paper, and brainstorm each room. I might take the camera and get some pictures taken too :-)

And then, at some stage, I ought to think about bringing www.ukw????????.com to life. This will be the website that basically follows the progression of the development of our house. This will also give rise to www.ukc????????.com which will bring our camnet together - roughly 6 or 7 cameras at various places around the house. And no, none in the bedrooms AT ALL!! LOL

I'm not telling you the full addresses of these sites yet, 'cos they're not ready. If you're privileged to know the correct domains for these sites, please keep quiet about it. Ta :-)

G'nite peeps.

(Oh and the song I'm listening to...? It's fantastic... try and get hold of a copy!)
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