February 2nd, 2002

Hair Cut


Ladies and gentlemen... it's plug time :-)

Once again, I'd like to bring to your attention one of the greatest sources of entertainment this world has ever known.

Yes indeed, I am referring to the ever-wonderful bratstreet!

What is BratStreet?
It's an online comic strip, based at BratStreet Daycare, and featuring three loveable kids, Charli, Marnie and Dougie.

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Hair Cut

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I look fondly back on the days when our old proxy was functioning...


Yes, I'm still at work! :-\
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Hair Cut

Work, work, work, work, overtime, nicebigpaypacket, etc

Yup, it's 04:13 on Saturday 2 February 2002.

In about 2 hours, I'll be heading home to snuggle up in bed with my wife.
About 2 hours after that, my wife will be getting up to go to our new house to oversee the fitting of our double glazing. So I only get to spend 2 hours snuggling.

Then when I eventually get up myself, I'll be going to the house as well. Most likely be doing some electrical stuff for lighting and the central heating (must remember to ask Caroline to leave B&Q vouchers for me).

Then, in the evening, we hope to be meeting up with another Caroline, girliebomb, at a pub in Slough. It'll be nice to meet her... I know we've not known each other long, but we've had some damn good long chats :-)

So, what to do for the next 1¾ hours, whilst I wait for the backup to finish?

Play Spider? Freecell?
Spend time on Feesch?

Bleugh, I hate this end part of the job... oh well, we don't have to be back here until Sunday midday :-)
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Hair Cut

Calling all PocketPC, Palm and WindowsCE device owners!

(well, I said I was bored! LOL)

If you own or use one of the above devices, and have a LiveJournal account, have you considered using the former to update the latter?

May I introduce pocketlj! :-)

It's a feature-packed LiveJournal client for AvantGo (a content browser for handheld devices).
It allows you to be able to record entries on your device offline, which will then be sent to your LiveJournal when you sync your device. (It also has limited-but-expanding support for online posting.)

If you're interested, have a look at the PocketLJ Website! :-)

(These shameless plugs will be the end of me!)
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Hair Cut

(no subject)

Just got back from seeing Buff perform at The Flags in Slough.
Really good, but a tad loud - even by my standards! LOL

Caroline and I met up with Caz (girliebomb) and Sam (nuttytart79). Both lasses are absolute crackers :-)

Yes, and nuttytart79 is totally nutty! LOL

It was great meeting you two... must definately do it again soon :-)
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