February 24th, 2002

Hair Cut

LiveJournal Friends Lists

This has been bugging me for some time now, and I feel I have to say something.

This is not directed at anyone in particular... this is just my own thoughts.


The word "Friend" when applied to LiveJournal is a misnomer. The correct phrase should be something to the effect of "Someone whose LiveJournal I want to see, and who I want to see my Friends-Only entries"

A LiveJournal "Friend" does not necessary have to be a real life friend.

If someone is a real-life friend and removes you from their LiveJournal "Friends" list, it does not mean that they are no longer your real-life friend.

Conversely, if someone adds you as a LiveJournal "Friend", that does not necessarily make them a real-life friend.

I am seeing so many examples of people who are complaining when someone removes them from their LiveJournal "Friends" list, it concerns me that people are taking LiveJournal "Friends" too seriously.

If any of you were to remove me from your LiveJournal "Friends", I would recognise that as your right, and although I would wonder why (in most cases), I certainly would not make a big issue of it.

At the end of the day... LiveJournal aside... I know who my real friends are. If they remove me from LiveJournal "Friends", they are still my friends.

Hair Cut

The End of an Earhole....

About 30 minutes ago, I surrendered the keys to the flat. The next time that we enter that place, it'll be as visitors rather than residents. It's a weird feeling, to be honest... I'd lived there for just under 4 years.

Oh well, at least it's 2 less keys that I have to carry around!! LOL

Anyway, we have our house now... and it is our house, not a shared accommodation. A BIG difference.

Both Caroline and I are totally shattered. Unfortunately, Caroline has taken a bit badly to the dust and exertion, bless her. :-(

We both need sleep... lots of it... I've got work tomorrow, but I'd be surprised if Caroline wixx be going in.

We are net-less at the moment, until I set up the PCs... albeit on a paid dialup! :-/

Hey ho... g'nite! ;o)
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