March 1st, 2002

Hair Cut

Here we are again!

Well, I'm at work and will be until about 4am.
Caroline is at home on her own, and I'm missing her loads.

During the file load we perform 3 partial backups of our Oracle database. For the last few months, the backups have been taking almost twice as long as they should have. However, on Tuesday, the backup drive had a sudden reform, and is now running at its proper speed again. So we should be able to knock about 3 hours off the time.

Woohoo! :-)

Thanks to poggs and clicker for keeping me company so far :-)
Hair Cut

(no subject)

Caroline SMS'd me earlier, saying...

"Isn't this the first file load where you'll be coming home rather than to the flat?"

I never thought of it like that, but yes... it's true :-)
Hair Cut

(no subject)

Something that yumseta said in his last post reminded me of something that I have been trying to push to the back of my mind.

And that is the fact that in just over 6 months, I will be 30 years old... and entering my 4th decade of life on this earth.

That may not seem as something very impressive to most of you, but it's quite a big step for me.

It's not the fact that I'm getting older, because I still believe that I'm quite young... ukcamgirl, shut it! <g> ... but more to the fact that I'll be thirty-something, rather than twenty-something.

When I moved back to Slough in 1993, I was 20 years old... but I still hadn't grown up. But I grew up very shortly afterwards, when I entered the "real world", and realised that everything that happened to me was directly or indirectly as a result of my own actions.

But now that I approach the 8-year anniversary of working for Yell, I've met Caroline and we're now married, and we have a home of our own, as well as responsibilities and commitments.

In a recent post, gdj asked the question, When was the first moment that you realized that you were an adult?... I answered that it was probably when I was 22, as I mentioned above about the time I "grew" up. However, having thought about it more, I became an adult shortly after I met Caroline and I realised that my life suddenly had meaning. (Please, I hope that no-one takes offence at that.)

So I suppose the thing that worries me the most about my forthcoming birthday, is that it is the first major age milestone since my entry into adulthood... and I ask myself what on earth I've done with my life.

Don't worry, this isn't a bout of depression... this is just me emptying my head, as usual :-)