March 19th, 2002

Hair Cut

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A street cleaner has taken residence in our crescent, and has been there for half an hour.

I'm gonna post the pictures once he's gone! :-D
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Hair Cut

Endless stream of chuckles...

Right, where to start.

I took this morning off... as we were supposed to be getting ADSL installed.
The ISDN for work, was going to be installed next Monday.

BT have just finished... after having installed the ISDN!!!!

Apparently the ADSL is still being installed today, but I wasn't expecting the ISDN until next week!! LOL

You gotta laugh about it :-)

The BT engineer is connecting the ISDN line at the telegraph pole end at the moment, but until I get my router and cables from work, it'll just be sitting dormant! :-P

I really hope that the ADSL-BT engineer gets here before midday, 'cos I've got a meeting at 14:00, and I can't miss it.
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