May 9th, 2002

Hair Cut


I'm getting really fed up with the way that people respond to posts in the official LJ communities.

( Current example... )
( Other examples... )

I mean, is it really too much to ask for a little civility? In the first example, the user who made the suggestion would not have known about the translation issues, as he is not watching any of the development or news communities.

Or am I completely missing the point here?
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Hair Cut

(no subject)

Happy birthday to James O'Smirnoff! :-D

Make sure your mummy gives you loads of burgers, jelly, ice cream, sausage rolls, and all of the other things you shouldn't have. It's your day... make sure everyone else knows it! :-D
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Hair Cut


Someone just put £3.50 on a dryer instead of a washing machine, by mistake!

So now that dryer will be drying to itself for the next 70 minutes! LOL
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