June 5th, 2002

Hair Cut

Dream Team...?

I have a lot of posts to make today, 'cos there's a lot on my mind.

I'll start with a fun one :-)

I have a Dream Team for the World Cup, but so far it's turning out to be a Nightmare Team! LOL
I'm 20th in the league (out of 28 teams), and I'm joint first with the total of negative points for each of my players! *chuckle*

Just watched USA beat Portugal 3-2... unfortunately I had a Portugese defender in my Dream Team... so down go my points even further!

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Hair Cut


This post is about someone whom I refuse to name, as it will serve no positive purpose.

He's a young lad, with a lot of life to look forward to, however I'm concerned that he may not get that far.

He's a friend of the family, but his actions and behaviour over the last few months has really changed him. His involvement with drugs - although allegedly only theoretical - has seriously affected his attitude towards other people, including his parents... which leads me to believe that it is not just a theoretical involvement.

He has very little respect for money, which will probably be the trigger to his demise, as he goes out most nights to clubs and such, but appears to be living off an overdraft... well, for as long as the bank allow him to.

Well over a year ago, he made a very important announcement to the world, which gained his a great deal of respect, not least from me and Caroline. However, he appears to have let everything go to his head, and now seems to carry a contempt towards other people who don't think and act the same way that he does.

My main concern is that the combination of attitude, drugs and lack of money could soon rise to more drastic measures to maintain his current way of "life".

Caroline has known this young man since childhood, and they have been very good friends... however, their friendship has been strained recently due to various events, and I know that it upsets her.

I'll close by saying this: I let myself go about 10 years ago... lost my job, lost my flat, lost my girlfriend (of the time, and nearly lost my family. It was only the love and support of my parents and stepparents that got me back on my feet. But I had to work at it as well, my attitude had to change, and I had to get out and do something about it. I'm now married & happy (but in a crap job... hey you can't have everything! LOL)... but I had to work for it. Is there a point to this? Yes: If you push away those people that care about you, your friends and family, you will have no-one to pick you up when you fall. With the people close to you, you don't have to fall.

(I've left this post public, in the hope that the person that I'm referring to sees it, and realises that the people he thinks are against him, are actually here waiting to help... he only has to ask. However, I would ask that if anyone else reading this realises who I'm referring to, they keep his identity to themselves... as I said, it would serve no positive purpose.)
Hair Cut

Rant about emails...

On Friday, one of our developers sent an email to our entire building to let them know about forthcoming changes to our primary business application. When it arrived, I read it, and actioned on it.

Today, when the application is now in place, I'm getting phone calls left, right and centre, and from my own staff saying, "What's all this about", "Why's it doing all this?"

I say, "Have you read the email from Jas on Friday?"

"What email?"

I stare.

They look. "Oh, that email... I didn't think it was important, so I didn't read it."

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