July 7th, 2002

Hair Cut

War wounds...

Well, I had a bit of a fall earlier... you know the casters you can get that go under the wheels of chairs and sofas to protect the carpet? Well, my chair was too close to the radiator, so I moved it. It promptly popped its casters, so I had to reposition them.

The front two were easy, but because of the unit and table either side, the only way I could get to the rear ones was to lean over the side of the chair and pull myself up, thus pulling the chair forward onto its front wheels so I could put the rear casters back under.

Complicated? It was!

Anyway, as I'm sure that you can picture the scenario in your heads... yes, I overbalanced.

I fell down on the floor, via the table... so I now have this fantastically amazing scratch down my side. And yes, it bloody hurt, thanks for asking. I'll probably post a picture of how it looks now, tomorrow... along with another one which may show a nice purple and blue bruise! *wince*
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