October 21st, 2002


Great weekend...

Yes, it has been a fantastic weekend, with many twists and turns along the way.

Originally, we were going to see a friend of the family on Saturday. Then Nic said she needed Caroline for a dress fitting for their wedding. So, we went over in the morning and left there about midday. (Whilst Caroline and Nic were getting fitted, Ian and I went to PC World... where else??!?!)

We popped over to Suffolk to visit our family friend, only to find on arrival that an emergency had come up and they had to go out. So that kinda blasted our afternoon.

Except.... when we realised we were quite close to novemberbug, we dropped her a message to see if she was in, and ended up spending the rest of the afternoon with her. We had a nice lunch in the village, and a really beautiful walk. (My new desktop wallpaper - Suffolk Sky.jpg)

Thanks for a great day, Leo! *hugs*

I borrowed a map to find a route back home, and discovered that the route I'd got from Ian was 3 sides of a square... it was my fault though, I just asked for the A14, which was kinda miles out of the way! LOL There is one road that runs between Ian and Nic's place and Leo's place... took about half the time!!!

On the way back we popped into McDonalds for something to eat, about a mile from Ian and Nic, so we messaged them to say "Hi"... and they'd gone out themselves! LOL

Did absolutely nothing!!
Spend the whole day snuggling in bed and matching DVDs.

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Hair Cut

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Following on from this post...

Ok, it turns out that the email that I referred to was sent about three months ago, not that they'd been in contact for three months.

Now it turns out that the charity have had virtually no contact for a few months. So, it looks as though I'm still involved in the website, and a meeting will be arranged in the next couple of weeks so that we can ascertain what needs to be done to update the site to bring it up to spec.

Damn, I hate jumping to the wrong conclusions. :o$
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