November 22nd, 2002


In the news...

Princess Anne fined £500 by Slough magistrates yesterday after her bull terrier, Dottie, bit two children on a day out in Windsor Great Park on 1 April 2002. She was also ordered to pay £250 each in compensation to the two boys, as well as £148 court costs, a total of £1,148. This is the first time that a senior Royal has been convicted of a criminal offence since 1649.

Personal thoughts: Whilst I appreciate that Princess Anne is a member of the Royal Family, she also specified that she wanted to be treated the same as anyone else in this hearing. Surely that means that the Judge should have ruled that the dog should be put down? If it was anyone else, that's what would have happened. Oh, and she was the only person who was not searched as they entered the court. Tell me that isn't special treatment. I love the irony of this case though, it's titled "Regina vs. Anne Elizabeth Alice Laurence". :o)
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