December 29th, 2002

Hair Cut


I've got an appointment with the vet for Gizmo tomorrow morning.
We've noticed that his fur has been getting matted and he's been drinking a lot of water, however more than one person told us that as long as he appears alert and active that there's nothing to worry about.

But he's not coming out much, and just spends most of his time sleeping now.
I went to stroke him today, and he's just a bag of bones and not much else.

Hopefully the vet can shed some light on what is wrong with him, 'cos we're really worried about him now.

Ash seems to be perfectly healthy, and I'm wondering whether that could be something to do with it... i.e. Ash pushing Giz aside from the food, etc.. *shrug* I dunno.

I wish we'd done something about this sooner... it wasn't until I felt how boney he was that I realised how bad it is.
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