January 1st, 2003


Happy New Year!!

Never before, in the history of... well, whatever, have I ever had such a fantastic New Years celebration as that which Caroline and I were at yesterday.

I have to say that midnight on Brighton beach beats any other form of welcoming the new year than you could imagine.

I'll be posting pics tomorrow... however Caroline and I would like to shout out to the following people:
  • ukcamgirl & grumpydave
    You were fantastic and generous hosts. Thank you for inviting us to share in the celebrations. This day will stay with us for a long time. We love you both! *hugs*

  • poggs, patc, oblivious
    Thanks for your company and endless fun... it wouldn't have been the same without you. We love you guys too! *hugs*

  • Anthony, Andy, John and Vicky
    You may never read this, but it was fantastic to meet you all. As with everyone else that was there, you really helped make New Years for us! :o)

  • Everyone
    A very Happy New Year to absolutely everyone. We hope that it brings you all the very best of what you deserve, and a whole lot more. For those of you who haven't had a great 2002, look forward to the future with a positive attitude... things can only get better.

Much love and best wishes to all our friends and family.
Dave & Caroline
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