January 21st, 2003


One has not updated for some time, so one thought one ought to remind one that one is still here...

Well, it's been a really busy weekend. If you've been following moosical's regular updates over the weekend, you'd know that we've blitzed the house.
  • Moved bookcases
  • Tidied the office
  • Tidied the bedroom
  • Completely cleared out the back bedroom and tidied it
  • Reorganised the living room
  • Sorted out our display cabinet
  • Put up coat hooks
  • 6 full carloads of junk to the skip!
I'll be posting pictures of how things look tonight. Unfortunately, we weren't foresighted enough to get pictures before we started, but then again I don't think I would have wanted anyone to see the state the house was in before!! LOL

Work is good. Really happy at the moment!

An update on the shaving situation... my face has really healed up nicely since I started using an electric shaver again. The downside is that it now takes about 20 minutes to shave in the morning, rather than the usual 10-15 minutes. The upside is that I can shave at the computer. Cool! 8o)

Caroline and I have booked a week off in February. We're going to head up to Caroline's parents and, using that as a base, spend the whole week walking: Ilkley Moor (baht 'at), The Yorkshire Dales, The Peak District, and other places of beauty up north.

Life is good.
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