September 5th, 2003

Hair Cut

Moo the Artist...

Caroline is a very talented young lady... rather than buy me a birthday card, she decided to make one for me instead. What do you think? :o)

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Pencil Drawn Bug

New userpics...

I've just made a couple of new userpics from the card that Caroline did for my birthday, one for me and one for Moo.

Pencil Drawn Bug
My new userpic
Pencil Drawn Moo
Moo's new userpic

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Pencil Drawn Bug


I am seriously tired. Look here for the reason why. (I can't be bothered to post all about it now).

I've just had 4 hours sleep, at moosical's insistence, and it's made a big difference.

But.... 30 hours of work, with only a 1½ hour food break in the middle is not the best way to go.

My one consolation over the entire incident (apart from the fact that the two people I did the 30 hour stint with are top quality blokes) will be the overtime and call-out claim I will be making when I get back to the office on Tuesday afternoon! :o)
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