October 4th, 2003

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New Web Design!

As I hinted the other day, I have just put my new site design live. You can find it here.
(If you want to see what it looked like before, click here)

Personally, I'm really happy with the design, especially since I don't have to upload any files to make changes to the content! :o) As websites go, this is the one I am most proud of. I would appreciate comments from you guys though.

I'm aware that it's a bit thin on content, but now that the design is out of the way, I can concentrate on putting "stuff" on it!

Just underneath the "The Love Bug's Domain" logo of the new site, there is a new feature that I've called "tagline". I would like my friends to make a witty comment that I can put into the tagline table. The tagline should be in the style of a book or movie critic, i.e. "Outstanding, it blew my socks off", but I will only put the most insanely witty and surreal taglines on the site. Also, if you'd like to be credited for your choice of tagline, please specify that too, i.e. "Outstanding, it blew my socks off - Your Name/Nickname Here".

Go on.... impress me!!!

Poll #187639 Tagline...

What tagline would you like to see on my website?

If you would like to be credited for your tagline, please enter a short signature here

UPDATE: So far, I have added:
  • "The most moving piece of work this year! *****" - EasyTiger
  • "Who knew bugs could do web design so well...." - Naomi (Err, thanks hyzenflay... I think!) :o)
  • "A site to 'love' with only one 'bug'." - webgirluk (Oi, there's no bug in my code!!)
  • "A stunning work from Berkshire's finest bug" - Leonie
  • "Knocks spots off the rest" - Helley
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Spam, that isn't actually spam...

In 3 days and 8 hours, I have received no less than 246 bounce emails from AOL. Now I don't blame AOL at all, they're doing what they should do... by emailing me and telling me that the email I tried to send, couldn't be delivered as the mailbox doesn't exist.

The problem here though, is that I didn't send them!! But the person/system that did, addressed them from, and set the Reply-To to something@(my.domain). Examples of the something@ are...
  • gaeuzco1@...
  • vjkqfi@...
  • tavvel@...
  • 1mfmmyur@...
  • ndwvxpvsl@...

These are obviously randomly generated... I presume that it's a virus/worm that someone has ... (Oh look... there's another 2 just arrived!!) ... that the computer owner doesn't even realise they've got.

I've already emailed AOL abuse for advise, but I'm sorely tempted just to forward the 248 emails to them in one shot, and say, "Oi... AOL.... NAAAOOOOO!!!"
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Qualified engineer, my arse!

I've just got back from work... no, it's not because it's the monthly load this weekend, it's because the two air conditioning units in our Computer Room failed during the week.

We had some portable A/C units delivered during the week, to help keep the temperature as low as possible, although it's still been fluctuating between 30°C and 35°C during the day.

Anyway, we had engineers in at about 23:30 yesterday to reroute the hot air ducts so that they pointed outside the building. No mean feat in a Computer Room!!

So, Jimmy and I left work at about 00:15 this morning, having completed the monthly load, and apparently the engineers left at about 00:30.

I get a call at 08:30 this morning from on-site Security, saying that only 1 of the portable A/C units was working, and that a call to our call-out centre revealed that the engineers knew they weren't working when they left!! That is joke #1.

I got into work at about 11:00 this morning to have a look at the situation.

Bit of background detail here, for the technically aware: One of these aircon units draws approximately 9A from the power supply at peak load (and believe me, they're working at constant peak!)

Joke #2: No less that three of these units were plugged into the same 4-way adapter!!!

Now, 3 x 9A = 27A.
The maximum load of a 4-way adapter is 13A

Spot the problem?

Now, I'm not an engineer, but I do know a fair amount about electricity. But even if you didn't, you'd know that 27 DOES NOT go into 13!!!!!!

I'm now going to claim call-out for attending the site, and also suggest that I get the engineers pay as a supplement for coming in and solving their stupid error!

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