May 3rd, 2004

Hair Cut

Phone Post:

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“Good morning everybody in LiveJournal Land. It's been quite some time since I done a PhonePost, so I thought I'd do one on my way out!

So... it's 10:30 here in the UK, erm, I'm on my way to err Winkfield Row, just outside Ascot. Um, Royal Ascot, that is.

Erm, I'm doing a pay, er *tut* a pay day?? A PA for May Day. Um... going to be providing sound, um and background music for the May Day event in Winkfield Row. If there is anybody living in the area thats got absolutely nothing to do today, then pop along and er 'ave a go if you think you're 'ard enough!

Um.. *clears throat* that's about it really. Um.. I'm posting this wonderful journal entry to you totally handsfree while I'm driving, so it is completely legal.

Erm, I'm waffling really. I'm just trying to find things to fill this post out with. I've got really no other purpose to do it at all.

Erm, Caroline's away at the moment, bless her cotton socks. She's gone to see her parents. Erm, I'm going to be picking her up, half way... um, her Dad's gonna meet me half way and, er, bring her back home again this evening.

Um, that's pretty much it. I've been waffling on for too long now. So, hope everybody's ok out there, and er take good care of yourselves.

God bless, bye bye!”

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Hair Cut

Phone Post:

218K 1:00
“Flippin' 'eck!

When I posted two hours ago, there was (something) and it wasn't too bad. It's now absolutely hammering it down with rain, and we're outside in a flippin' FIELD!

We've just found out that, now that we've set up, we've now got to <b>un</b> set up, and head down to... um... Carnation Hall, which is like the local er, you know, community centre type-thing.

So, I pick up absolutely everything we've done, I've just done that. I'm absolutely soaked! I've decided to wear trousers that are too long for me, so basically my trousers are now caked in mud!

Umm, and it is still absolutely hammering it down.

Last year, as some of you may recall, we got bleedin' sunburnt, but no... not this time, we're gonna get wet instead!

Anyway, umm I'm just heading towards Carnation Hall at the moment, um, I've just found out where it is... um, yeah!


One word to cover it, but I'm not going to repeat it, because this is a public post.

Erm, waffle waffle waffle, yatter yatter yatter...

*blows raspberry*”

Transcribed by: thelovebug