June 13th, 2004

The Eye

Eye, eye, cap'n...

Yesterday we went to get our Contact Lens assessments done in Doncaster.

Caroline went first, although I was allowed to be there at the same time.

The first thing the optician did was put some orange dye in Caroline's eye. Then, he pulled her eyelid up so that he could see the underside, then looked inside her eyes with a blue and then a white light.

Then, the lenses went in... slowly. Caroline's eyes wouldn't let the lens go in, so it took a couple of attempts to go in. Once they were in, though, they were the right lenses for her, so she kept them in for a while.

My turn came, and the lenses went in second time. I had some trouble with my reflexes but I just fought them.

However, because of the level of astigmatism in my eyes, I need Toric lenses... which are almost twice the price! But, my eyes are important, so I'm willing to pay the extra. Because they didn't have those lenses in stock, the optician took out the ones that I was wearing. That was quiet hard going too, but they came out first time.

So, Caroline was set. All she needed to do now, was take them out herself, and then put them in again, twice, and that was it. However, it took almost an hour for her to realise that she couldn't do it. Ok, one of the lenses did fall out, and she managed to put it back in ok, but unfortunately that didn't count.

So, we both need to go back in a fortnight. Me, to get my special lenses, and self-fit them, and Caroline, so that she can try her self-fitting again.

In the meantime, we both have homework, to practice touching our eyes, so that we get used to it.