August 23rd, 2004

Hair Cut

Birthday, loose cell, crushed...

A very happy birthday to stephaniewalker... see you Thu/Fri :o)

I'm off for the next week and a bit, so I took Caroline into Reading this morning.  I'm gonna head back over there shortly because she forgot something this morning... might stay there and join Caroline for lunch, or summat.

In other news, you know this thing that's going around?  Well, I currently have 3 people who list me as a crush... one is Caroline, another is Caroline's attempt at being funny...

... the third I don't have a clue about, but I'm quite flattered! I'm pretty damn sure that you'll never tell me who you are (unless I find out by listing you back), but thank you anyway! :o)
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Hair Cut


Well, I found out who my (now not-so) secret crush is!! :o)  I'm now trying to work out why I didn't have you on my list in the first place... sorry!  You obviously have a good taste in men though! :o)

Thing is... I now have 2 more crushes, to bring up to a total of five.  I've done the add/delete thing, and I'm darned if I can find them!  I hate it when you can't even cheat to get the answer!!!!
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Hair Cut

LJ Crush...

For those of you who are interested in the amazing LJ Crush Meme, go to
You'll have to sign up to start using it.  Use your LJ username, but don't use your LJ password.

Simple as that really! :o)
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