September 20th, 2004

Hair Cut


I just had the most amazing experience at the laundrette. I just popped next door to the newsagent to get a drink, and on my way back I passed a young lass being pushed in a wheelchair. Now I don't look too long at people in wheelchairs, because some would consider it rude, but in this instance it was very difficult for me to look away. This young lass had the most awesome smile, and she held my gaze until we passed each other. It was one of those smiles that you can't help smiling at. I'm still smiling now! :-) It puts everything into perspective, you know? This lass may have been handicapped, but it doesn't stop her being the happiest person in the world... and to be able to pass that happiness onto others just from a smile...? Well, that has just made my day. :-D