October 29th, 2004

Hair Cut

Credit Card Cut...

There is nothing more gratifying than cutting up a credit card after clearing the balance! :o)

Edit: Well, yes there is... but that's something altogether different!!! ;o)
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Mr Buggy

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Poll #374965 What project should I concentrate on...?

What project should I concentrate on at the moment...?

Content Management System - A web-based content management system for websites that allow all content for a particular site to be dynamic. thelovebug.org currently uses it
LJ Object Library - An object library for PHP that will allow designers and client authors to create web- and wap-based LiveJournal clients, with full error handling and post validation
thelovebug.org - updating content and completing all those things that have not yet been completed
daveandcaroline.net - developing a photography portfolio, and probably updating the code to use the CMS (see above)
Other... - some other non-geeky thing (specify in comments)
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