January 28th, 2005

Mr Buggy

The weekend is approaching...

... and we're going to be busy! :o)

This weekend, Caroline and I are going to be doing a fair amount to our front garden: taking down a wall; lopping a shrub; removing our front porch; putting up a new light; etc. A skip is arriving on Monday morning, so we have a fair amount of stuff to shift before it arrives.

So, it's off to B&Q or Focus this evening to buy a lopper, heavy-duty gloves and a wheelbarrow.

The weather promises to hold out for us, which is good news.

I'm thinking about setting up the webcam to watch us in the garden. That'd be fun! ;o)

This is sweet...

A journal has been created for Valentine's Day 2005.

If you want to post a comment to your valentine (anonymously or otherwise), go to 140205 and do it. :o)

(Thanks to rhino for pointing this out!)