March 19th, 2005


A good servicing...

So yes, here I am again... sitting in Platt's showroom, waiting for the car to be serviced/MOT'd/tweaked. I'm here for the next 3.5 hours whilst they prod around under her hood.

Oo-er missus.

We're off up to see my Mum (et al) this afternoon, then up to see Caroline's parents tomorrow, so it'll be a good opportunity to blow the cobwebs away... something I've not been able to do for a while, as the car has been a tad sluggish of late.

I've also opted for a Forte Gas Treatment, which essentially cleans the fuel system from the tank to the catalytic converter. I suppose it's a bit like Redex, but better? Has anyone had any experience with Forte?

Right. Breakfast. There's a nice place over the road that does a fantastic fried egg buttie... so I think that deserves a visit.
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The good life, and a good egg...

The sun is shining, it's lovely and warm, and I had a fried egg baguette.

Life simply doesn't get much better than this.

<sound of needle across record>

... until the egg explodes in your face. Amusing to a point, but when you have a beard...
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MOT failure.

Nearside rear tyre below 1.6mm tread depth (quite handy really, as the tyre also had a nail going into it!), and swivel joints need replacing.

They're going to change the tyre for me now, even though they're short-staffed, and I'm booked in next week for the joints.

Incidentally, the parts and fitting for the swivel joints alone exceeds the cost of the service, MOT, replacement tyre and other tweaks put together!!!

We do have an insurance policy for parts and labour relating to mechanical failure, but because the joints fall under "wear and tear", they're not covered. Bah!
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