March 24th, 2005


MOT passed :o)

Charlie passed her MOT!!!

Although I've kinda lost a couple of days on the MOT without noticing.

She was first registered on 29 March 2001, meaning her first MOT would have been due on 29 March 2004. I booked her in for her first MOT on 22 March 2004, naively believing that they would forward-date the certificate to the anniversary of her registration. That would have been the case if I'd been advised to take my logbook in with me at the time of the first MOT.

So, it wasn't until I collected the car today, realised that they had dated the MOT to start today 24 March 2005. So I checked, and found out that I've actually been driving the car without valid MOT for two days.

Not clever.
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The Eye

Contact Lenses - update...

Well, I've now been wearing my new continuous-wear lenses for 9 days... although daytime only, I have to take them out at night.

So far, it's been good... no real problems, although there are times when I really know I'm wearing them.

Like right now.

I'm sitting here, in an air-conditioned office, the air is very dry, and so are my eyes. I usually go outside for 5 minutes to rehydrate my eyes, and then I'm ok for another couple of hours.

Outside of the work environment, everything is great... crystal clear! :o)

I'm really looking forward to Tuesday 29 March, when I have my next eye-check. I then get the opportunity to wear the lenses for a whole 24 hours before going back for another eye-check. It is then when I find out whether these lenses are suitable for me or not, and I can cancel my existing Contact Lens plan with D&A.
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