April 4th, 2005

Assassinated Bug

I love my wife...

My wife and I, we share everything. Our feelings, our sorrows, our <not suitable for public viewing>, our lives.

And also, so it seems, our illnesses.

We went out with stephaniewalker and grumpydave yesterday, and had a really nice afternoon/evening in London.

A few coughs and sneezes, a nose bleed or two later...

I'm now off work sick. Sore throat, fluey, almost lost voice (alternating between Barry White and Joe Pasquale), more nose bleeds.

Thanks babe... I love you too. :oP
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Hair Cut

Unbreakable Score...

There is a piece of music used in the film Unbreakable. This music appears during the open credits, and also broken within the Train Station sequence.

Does anyone happen to have a 'clean' version of this piece that they could send me, or know where I can get it from?