January 1st, 2006

Hair Cut

My Year In Review - 2005 part 1...

Here is a selection of the more memorable events surrounding my life in 2005 - from January to June...


07 New Years Resolutions.
28 Saw varno performing at the Hexagon. A most enjoyable night out.


06 Finished clearup of the front garden.
13 The worst night of my life.
14 Migrated from Outlook to Thunderbird.
19 Went to the wedding of Caroline's ex-boss in Scotland.


06 Mothering Sunday - the day we learned of Amy's existence.
15 My first trial of continuous wear contact lenses.
28 Finished clearup of the back garden.


02 Pope John Paul II died.
09 Caroline's Pamper Day.
26 Amy announced to the world.
28 MBCS.
29 Holiday to Isle of Wight


22 Caroline and I together for 6 years.
25 Ash, our last gerbil, died.


01 Speed - good and bad.
17 New phones.
19 My first Father's Day.
26 Richard Whiteley died.

Watch out for July to December later on today...
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Hair Cut

New Years Resolutions 2006

In the year 2006, I resolve to undertake the following:
  1. Take more pride in my appearance
  2. Rationalise and justify hobbies
  3. Rationalise and justify domains/websites
  4. Take my family on at least 2 holidays in 2006
  5. Finish the house
Separate posts relating to each of these will follow soon.
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