May 30th, 2006

Hair Cut

House update...

As of 1400 today, we are no longer residents of Slough!

We're still waiting for details of our new house, although I reckon we've only got a few weeks before we'll have our completion date.

Now, I need to pester my boss to sort out my exit strategy from Langley, so that I don't have to spend half my week away from home!
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For The Birds

Back to work...

Having spent a week an a half away from work, I go back to work tomorrow, starting at Nottingham for one day, and then Thursday thru the following Thursday (yes, including the weekend!) in Langley.

Then I'm hopefully in Nottingham on that Friday, and then the whole of the following week in London on a training course!

So, in the next 20 days (Weds 31 May to Mon 19 June) I'll be with my family for 7 nights only. Bah.
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    Channel 4 - Big Brother