June 15th, 2006

Hair Cut

BI Awards...

No, not for those who swing both ways...

BI is our division, and it's our annual awards ceremony today.

This is a picture of my company-supplied t-shirt! :o)

The number, which my colleague kindly cut off the photo, is 37... my lucky number!

Will I be lucky this year...?

Hair Cut

Am I missing the point...?

I'm watching the England game with some work colleagues, and I can't understand the responses to some of the match events.

For example, there have been 2 bookings of T&T players so far, and each time the yellow card was given, everyone cheered and made derisory sounds, as if to cheer that the other side got a booking. And yet, I'm sure that when an England player gets a booking, it'll be a case of "what a shame, they didn't deserve that!"

Now I'm supporting England, but I still recognise the skills of the other team, and find it a shame when they miss a goal.

Am I missing the point? What happened to football being a sport?