July 25th, 2006


Last night...

Last night was fun!

Spent 3 hours on the net, chatting to loads of people. Ok, that may not sound much to you... but on my laptop connected to the net via Bluetooth to my mobile phone...? Geeks Paradise! :o)

Chatted to: moosical, novemberbug, stephaniewalker, poggs, popey, sparklymegz, and probably more!

I made a connection last night (and I'm not talking about the one between my laptop and phone!)... it's almost like it was when Caroline and I were first seeing each other... we'd spend hours chatting on the net, and then I'd go up and see her at the weekends!!

Thank goodness that all stops this weekend!!! :o)

Also, thanks to popey, I've finally decided to wipe my brand new laptop of all traces of Windows XP Home, and install Ubuntu 6.06 Desktop on it instead.

w00t! :o)
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