November 9th, 2006

Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit

Friends list...

According to LogJam, I have 143 users listed on my journal. This number - disturbingly - does not include communities, of which there are a further 71, and 17 syndicated feeds.

I have a filter, which I use regularly at work, containing 88 users/communities/feeds, and I'm finding that I'm using this filter more and more for general browsing at home too.

This tells me that my friends list is too big to manage.

I will, this evening, be cutting my friends list down considerably, by removing communities that I don't participate in, removing feeds that I don't really read, and by removing users whom I don't really interact with.

If you find yourself gone, and you'd rather I added you back - particularly in view of the fact that I will be posting friends only more often from now on - then please let me know.

This is not personal, it's practical. :o)
Linkin Park - Chester

Friends List - update...

There, I think that's it. I've been pretty ruthless.

I now have 90 users, 44 communities, and 9 feeds on my list.

That's quite a lot of removals... 53 users, 27 communities and 8 feeds now gone.

One thing I did when working out who to remove, was check when their last journal entry was. Those of you with multiple journals (4, in one case), I have removed those that are no longer active.

Still, it means I can revise my filter now! :o)

Heh, and I've just noticed that makes a total of 143 users/communities/feeds on my friends, whereas before the cut it was 143 users only!!

Edit: I've also just noticed that I've removed a total of 88 accounts from my friends list - the same number as I used to have in my viewing filter!!! Freaky!