February 16th, 2007

Fujifilm S7000


When we first moved to Doncaster (well, when Caroline moved to Doncaster and I was still living in Slough) we were nosing around Doncaster market and saw that there was a photography exhibition in the Corn Exchange. We went to have a look, and it was an exhibition of photography which had been taken by members of the Through The Lens Camera Club. We got talking to a couple of the members and decided to pop along to one of their meetings, just to see what it was like.

That was 8/9 months ago, and we still haven't been.

I've just sent off an email to one of the contacts at the Club, and we're going to go there this coming Thursday. My boss has agreed to me working a couple hours earlier every so often, so I can get out earlier. Caroline's mum has agreed to look after Amy for the night, so it'll just be me, Caroline and 2 cameras.

It's about time we did this... I'm really looking forward to it.