March 24th, 2007

Hair Cut

Fired up baby, yeah!

I'm going out shortly to buy this which - although the weather doesn't look too hopeful - I fully intend to get fired up this evening for dinner! :o)

Looking at Sunday's weather, even if I don't get to use it today, tomorrow is almost definite!

Welcome to barbeque season folks!!!
Hair Cut

The barbeque... it didn't happen...

It hasn't rained, and it's still quite dry... but it's dark and dreary and didn't really seem the right weather for the first barbeque of the year, you know?

Never mind, it has been an eventful evening... with Amy managing to get hold of the glass of orange that I'd put out of her reach (or so I thought) and pouring it down the magazine rack, which contained insurance documents, driving licences, mortgage information, etc...


Edit: Forgot to mention, nearly broke my back taking the barbeque to the car and subsequently into the house!! I'll post pictures tomorrow of the box, the built barbeque, and the building of it.