June 26th, 2007

Work Post

Gee, let me think...

  • Hooton Roberts is under water - closed
  • Ollerton roundabout is under water - closed
  • the M1 is close to being under water - closed
  • the Ulley dam is close to bursting
I’m definitely working from home today!!! Well done Caroline, you’ve just earned yourself a lie-in! :o)

As taken from the ticker currently running across the bottom of Sky News:

Three main areas affected are Whiston, Canklow, Catcliffe and Treeton.

Hair Cut


The Ulley reservoir. I believe the dam that is under threat is on the left hand side of the reservoir. If that goes, it’ll be devastating for everyone living in the area.

Here is another view of the area, showing Catcliffe, Treeton and Whiston - which are believed to be the most at risk should the dam burst.
Hair Cut

Parkgate - it's in there somewhere!

I’ve just seen images of the Parkgate Retail Park and the surrounding areas... at least I think that’s where it was, it was almost unrecognisable. I can’t locate any pictures at the moment, as the images I saw were live.

Here is a list of the roads in the local area that are affected by the flood.
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