July 10th, 2007

Hair Cut


My illusions are shattered.

If you’re not watching E4 right now, Dan Wright and Steve Marsh are currently presenting Big Brother’s Big Mouth.

Dan and Steve are a comedy double-act called Electric Forecast, and have also hosted a number of TV programmes such as Crash Test Dummies on Sky One.

Dan and Steve are also Big Cook Little Cook on CBeebies.

I wonder what Amy would think about “Kick Cook Kick Cook” being on telly right now saying rude words and not cooking pathetic meals for storybook characters on acid.


ETA: For those that don't know, in BCLC Steve's character is Big Cook Ben, who does all the cooking. Dan's character is Little Cook Small who flies around on a wooden spoon. In BCLC, Big Cook Ben is about 10 times the size of Little Cook Small. In real life, Steve Marsh is a short-arse! :o)
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