July 21st, 2007

Hair Cut


The company I work for recently had an offer, in conjunction with Sky, to allow new and existing customers to get specific Sky products at a reduced rate. We already have the full Sky package, but we did say that we’d get Sky+ when we moved north.

So, we took the offer to upgrade to a new Sky+ box for £49, with no installation fee or subscription increase.

They’re coming over next Sunday to install the box and cabling. We can’t wait! :o)
Hair Cut

Harry Potter...

At 2350 last night, Caroline took the car and went to Asda at Dalton to buy the new Harry Potter book. At approximately 14:30 this afternoon, I read the last 20 pages.

Mwuhahah!! :oD

Edit: To clarify - I have read only the last 20 pages!!