December 27th, 2007

Daddy & Amy

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moosical just sent me the cutest text message...
Awwww... Dialogue with Amy..

A: Daddy? Daddy?
M: He's at work darling
A: Plaaaay... With daddy?
M: tonight maybe as he's at work
A: But play ball with daddy *sigh purse lips*

*warm squidgy feeling*

Does it look like she's trying to get away from me in that userpic?! :o\
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Raising my (petroleum) spirit...

My visit to the Tesco Express on the A610 in Nottingham started with consternation, when I saw the signs on the pumps saying "Sorry, no unleaded." Travelling to another petrol station wasn't an option, as my warning light had already been on for the last 20 miles, and I have never relied on the appearance of the warning light to last me more than 20-25 miles in the past.

Then consternation changed to understanding when I realised why they had no unleaded fuel. They're unlikely to have had a delivery since the week before Christmas and - at 99.9p/litre - they're the cheapest place for miles.

This obviously didn't help my cause, as I was still running on fumes with no guarantee of finding another petrol station before my tank started making straw-sucking-in-an-empty-paper-cup noises.

Then it hit me.

And it hurt.

I realised that, despite the fact I've never used it before and thus never considered it to start with, super unleaded is basically regular unleaded with added vitamins and minerals (yes, I know it's more than just that)... so I put £25 of that into the car instead. It was only 104.9p/litre, so not that much different to the cost of regular unleaded at neighbouring petrol stations.

My car will probably never thank me for putting a higher quality fuel into its gullet, but at least I know that my additional £1.20 will probably do my car some good.