December 30th, 2007

Mobile Post

Mobile Post: Bargains @ Lakeside Village...

Well, what a bargain!

We're here at Lakeside Village in Doncaster, and we've just saved a fortune in a couple of shops.

We went to the Cotton Traders outlet and bought two pairs of trainers for £3.00 each (down from £24.99 each), another pair of trainers for £9.99 (down from £19.99), a fleece jacket for £9.99 (down from £19.99) and a fleece top for £3.00 (down from £19.99).

We then went to Mountain Warehouse where I bought a fleece jacket for £14.99 (down from £39.99), discounted further with my Lakeside Village VIP Card to £13.49!

So what should have cost a total of £149.94, we got for £43.47... a saving over just over a hundred pounds - a whopping 71% discount!!

We're happy! :o)