May 9th, 2008

Mobile Post

Faster, faster...

So, it would seem that T-Mobile have just upgraded their network in our area.

Whereas we would only have the option of a strong GPRS (2.5G) or weak 3G signal, we now have a strong GPRS or a not-quite-so-strong-but-stronger-than-3G HSDPA (3.5G) signal!

Now HSDPA is supposed to give you data speeds comparable to that of a home broadband service. I clocked the speed (using Mobile Speed Test) at 360kbps (with a 1MB data transfer) this morning, which is not too bad bearing in mind the relatively weak signal. On GPRS (as I am at the moment), the data speed is around 39kbps (with a 100KB data transfer) - dial-up speeds!

I hope that they improve the HSDPA service in our area, so I don't have to waste my battery life on WiFi networks instead!

Amusingly, as I type this, I've just lost signal altogether! Oh, it's back again now.
Hair Cut

Bugcast 010 delayed...

Bugcast 010 will not be recorded this evening. Instead, it'll be recorded tomorrow morning and published by early afternoon.

Also, thanks to my phenomenal planning skills(!) my second show isn't ready to launch either. It's looking to be at least another week before everything is in place. Not least of which is that I'm wanting to use a specific signature tune, and I'm still waiting on the copyright owners to grant me permission to use the track. If that isn't forthcoming, I'll have to think of something else. Oh, and there's the website to finish too...