May 24th, 2008

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It's Eurovision...

... our yearly fix of Europop trash crap!

Now, usually we do the red button feature so that we get the english translation of the song lyrics, but this year there seems to be this extremely camp guy called Boogaloo Stu who keeps popping up on screen to give us factoids about the country that’s performing.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the only reason to watch the Eurovision to listen to Terry Wogan getting more and more pissed as the evening progresses? So why on earth would I want to see some cabaret performer spoiling the view and drowning out our Terry?

Back to standard subtitles, methinks.

Anyway, we’re song 2, and we’re on now apparently! Good luck, Andy!

(although I ain’t holding my breath on this one!)
Hair Cut

Eurovision'08 - my personal preferences

Here are my personal preferences for Eurovision’08. This isn’t who I think will win, more who I hope will win.

Bold means definitely up to win, Italic means possibly up to win, plain means not fussed.

02United KingdomYeah, I’d vote for that one, if I was allowed!
03AlbaniaNice and mellow, good voice, power ballad
04GermanyErk, europop! Germany’s answer to Abba. Weak harmonies
05ArmeniaStarted well... Asereje?
06Bosnia & HerzegovinaWould be good if it wasn’t out of tune! Meringue anyone?
07IsraelIt was a bloke? Good song, good voice. The end looked like the video for Bohemian Rhapsody!
08FinlandOh Lordi... great song - definite 80’s rock feel to it - not so sure about the outfits!
09CroatiaWasn’t he one of the guys in the video for Macarena? Scratching on a gramophone? Per-lhese!
10PolandLovely voice, Celine Dion perhaps... but oh, those teeth! The first song tonight to have “got” me.
11IcelandAck, more Europop, but this song epitomises the bread and butter of Eurovision!
12TurkeyVery engaging - I like this song!
13PortugalThis is a good one, not sure if it’s a definite though. Cracking voice!
14LatviaGar, Europop... stinky cheese.
15SwedenCouldn’t they afford to write their song in colour? Oh, they must’ve just found some money.
16DenmarkCatchy, boppy, good!
17GeorgiaReminds me of Frances Ruffelle, so must be good! Didn’t like the chorus though, in two minds on this one. Very wooden, too.
18UkraineDancing was good, but the song lacked substance.
19FranceWhat the...? And the French singing in English? 10/10 for bravery!
20AzerbaijanDon’t scream on your first ever Eurovision!! Isn’t that Bob Geldof with the long hair? Good song though!
21GreeceDidn’t really go anywhere, just sounded like standard “R&B”
22SpainSorry, that’s a nil points. “I no like it, mister”
23SerbiaNice voice, but not certain that it matches the style of song. A bit harsh for my liking.
24RussiaWow, that song was great - at least up to the point that the very noisy chorus started! It’s a good’un though! Great high notes!
25NorwayI didn’t think Eurovision did “funk” - that in itself deserves a win!

The visual composition this evening has been phenomenal, camera work and that digital stage, absolutely brilliant!
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Like Terry just said, “this is no longer a music contest” - it seems that if you don’t live in Scandinavia, the Baltic or the Balkans

We must’ve trodden on so many toes to have ended up with 2 votes, and come joint bottom of the scoring. I mean, we used to have so much respect in Europe, and now it seems that in this, the key political popularity indicator across the whole of Europe Eurovision Song Contest, no-one has respect for us any more.

You only have to look at our history to realise that it’s only the last 10 or so years that we’ve done so badly. We used to finish in the top 5 for the most part, and now we’re lucky to make the top 20!

Arse. Big arse.