July 6th, 2008

Hair Cut

[mobile post] Afternoon out...

Amy and I are at Kidzone in Worksop. Yep, that's right - just the two of us.

Well no, obviously there are other kids and their parents...

All four of us had gone to church this morning, and we were expecting some garden maintenance chappies this afternoon to quote for sorting our gardens out. So we got a text from lestat75 asking us if we wanted to come to Kidszone. Now Phil's timing is always this impeccible, so we almost said no when Caroline suggested that Amy and I go on our own.

So that's what happened. Aside from going into Kidszone, discovering that they don't take cards, leaving Kidszone, trying to console a rather distraught Amy, finding a cash machine, parking on double yellows, getting money, finding way back to Kidszone, and going into Kidszone with a - not surprisingly - much happier Amy... it's been a good afternoon. Phil and the kids left at 1400, so it's been just me and Amy since, and she's loving it! :o)

I should definitely dedicate more quality solo time with Amy - we clearly both enjoy it. And then also with Cara when she's old enough to appreciate the concept of quality time! :o)

I think Amy might sleep in the car on the way back. These places are really good for her.