September 19th, 2008

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Sheffield, Nottingham and Blackpool...

So on Wednesday, I met up with lestat75 at Valley Centertainment. The plan was to get some food, drink and chat.

Phil came up with this idea of actually going into Sheffield proper on the tram. I only had a couple of hours to play with, but we went into town anyway.

First pub was The Sportsman, just by the City Hall. On the way there, we witnessed someone being rolled out of a nearby bar, followed by the same person being royally kicked the s**t out of by two other burly lads whilst two bouncers from that bar ineffectually tried to separate them. That was an experience. I found myself getting angry that no-one was really trying to stop this guy from getting his head staved in, but I was also fearful for my own safety. Stuffed whatever I did really. Anyhoo, we had a drink in there, talked about the state of the world and the financial markets and the moved on.

From there, we ended up at the Cavendish(?), got drinks and played pool. Phil won 2-1, but I must add that we were very evenly matched overall. It was a good match.

From there, we headed on to another bar. On the way there, we were walking up a street when a lit billboard stood in our way. Phil went to the left, and I to the right (on the road side of the sign). I walked a little too close to the kerb, tripped on the edge, and through a skilled execution of acrobatics and a well-placed roll or two, I ended up on my arse in the middle of the pavement. My phone was in my back pocket, but because of my expertise in falling to the ground in a totally drunken manner whilst being completely sober, it managed to escape unhurt.

We then ended up at The Swim Inn (used to be the Glossop baths, or something like that?) where I had a jacket potato with beans and cheese (I hadn't eaten up to that point) and we both had another drink.

From there we headed back to Centertainment, to our respective automotive forward motion machines and headed home. It was a great evening, and I hope we can do it again soon. Thanks Phil! :o)

For now, Caroline are in Nottingham, staying over in a hotel so we can be at my work first thing. There, we will be boarding a coach bound for Blackpool with a number of work colleagues and some other people. We'll be there until Sunday afternoon, returning to Nottingham at about 20:00.

The kids are staying with their grandparents tonight and tomorrow night, it's been a long time since we've been apart from the kids overnight... but the first time ever where we won't be immediately available should we be needed. Still, we do need "us" time and I have complete faith and trust in my in-laws.

I haven't done my podcast yet, so that'll be done early next week.

Have a good weekend, all! :o)