April 20th, 2009

Eee PC 901

Oh no, not again!!

Oh no, my beloved HP laptop has gone bang! I was on Facebook, listening to an awesome cover of Bohemian Rhapsody by an Atari XL and 4 HP Scanners... I'd just reposted the video to my Facebook profile and then *sizzleclick!*

Nothing, nada, nowt. I've tried different combinations of power and battery, held the power button down with no power available at all (as directed by the support people) and nothing at all.

It was pretty much 6 months ago when I had that laptop in the shop for a dickey screen, and now this. I am gutted, I can tell you.

Fortunately I still have my Eee, so it won't be all that bad... but it does raise questions about The Bugcast for the next couple of weeks. I'll make a decision on that shortly.
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