May 2nd, 2009

Mobile Post

The bits you missed out on...

Here are the posts that I made to my Twitter in the last 24 hours that you may have missed...

23:28 Laptop in shop, desktop broken sound card, EeePC very low mic level... there's nothing for it, I'm borrowing the wife's laptop tomorrow!! #

09:33 Now that was a wake-up call and a half! #

Microblog injection by LoudTwitter.

What am I doing with this journal?

This journal has kinda fallen by the wayside of late. Of the 25 posts that were made In April:

14 posts (56%) were from LoudTwitter
6 posts (24%) were relating to The Bugcast
3 posts (12%) were what I would consider "proper" posts
2 posts (8%) were photoposts

That's pretty poor in my book, particularly as LoudTwitter was diluting the quality of my other posts by one hell of a margin. So, I have disabled LoudTwitter with immediate effect, and I don't intend to switch it back on. It was a good idea at the time, and had I been doing more "proper" posts, I probably wouldn't have noticed how crap things were.

Thing is, I know that when I set out to do a "proper" post, I'm capable of producing some damn good writing, as my (not so) brief musical history demonstrated. I have so many things that I could post about, but I can rarely motivate myself to do so. But I am going to try harder.

Right, enough for now... I'm going to try and fudge together Episode 58, and then snuggle down with my lovely wife.