May 4th, 2009

Cara Cute

Update on Cara's bed...

Well, she fell out of bed, straight onto the duvet that we put beside her bed (just for such an eventuaity) at about 23:30 last night. She didn't even wake up... instead, simply cuddling into the duvet. It was a tough call whether to put her back into bed or leave her - but she looked so comfy and settled, so we decided to leave her.

But then at about 04:30 this morning we heard, "moan, groan, grunt, CLANG" where somehow - and I have yet to work out how - she managed too bump her head on the radiator of all places! Cue end-of-the-world screaming. I went into their room, picked up Cara to try and settle her, spoke to Amy to reassure her, asked Cara if she wanted to go back into her bed? "No." So she spent the rest of the night in with me and Caroline.

All told, not too bad for the first night - I'll be honest, I expected far worse! :o)
Hair Cut

Does a career in radio await me?

Check out this sequence of events:
  • 02/05 23:30 I post episode 58 of The Bugcast
  • 02/05 23:32 I post messages to all artists I've played in episode 58 via the Podsafe Music Network
  • 03/05 10:00 Chris DeMarco posts on his MySpace blog about me having played his track "I'm Calling You"
  • 03/05 10:11 Chris DeMarco sends me a MySpace Mail letting me know about the blog post.
  • 03/05 11:17 I get an email from Ste at Dalecast who said he'd seen Chris's blog, and wondered if I'd like to have my shows re-broadcast on his net radio station every week! He also asked me if I'd like to host some shows for said radio station! Many emails later, and he's going to set me up!
Wowser! Perhaps a career in radio awaits me? Well, hardly... but it's a start! :o)