May 6th, 2009

Assassinated Bug

Petrol: check, roads clear: check, nearly knock kid over: check

What a fantastic start to the day... an almost perfectly clear route into work this morning. Wow, I thought, what an excellent journey! Cue overexaggerated guitar riff.

That is until I was going up the hill from the Gateway roundabout in Nottingham. This kid, probably 12 years old, wearing a dark jacket with the hood up starts running across the road from the right-hand side, moving diagonally across me, but in the same direction I was going. I didn't see him until he entered my periphery as he drew level with me... as he was effectively running in my blind spot up to that point. However, he continued running across the path of the car, clearly unable to see me, as his hood was obscuring his own periphery. So I slammed on the anchors and leant on the horn, and managed to stop about a foot short of hitting the kid. He makes it to the other side of the road, and looks at me... he seemed more embarrassed than anything else - which worried me slightly... but I kept my cool and did whatever anyone in my situation would have done...

Wound the window down, called him a dickhead, and drove off... somewhat slowly as I was shaking rather a lot.

Stuff me, if - not 2 miles further towards the city - some dumb nipper, probably no more than 8 years old, walking up the road on my side of the road, on the outside of a parked car! I had to stop completely to let him pass else I would have hit him, or hit another car coming my way to try and avoid him.

I mean, for crying out loud!!!