May 9th, 2009

wha? eh?

Caroline says the wrong thing at the wrong time... again!

So, we were in Pizza Hut this evening.

Amy asked, "Who are the girls?"
I said, pointing, "You, Mummy and Cara."
Amy nodded and smiled.
I said, "3 girls in all"
Mummy said, "Well, three and a half."
I said, "Oh?"
Mummy said, "Yeah, you're a part time woman really."

Now, what she meant to say was something along the lines of, "Yeah, you're an honourary female sometimes" or "Yeah, you're in touch with your feminine side"

But no, "You're a part time woman"

In the middle of a restaurant.

And she didn't exactly keep her voice down either.

And to make matters worse, when she picked up on it herself, she then used the word "effeminate" when she should have said "feminine"

Yeah, thanks sweetheart... 13 people from the Rotherham area now think I'm either gay, a drag queen, or a pre-op transgender!!